Going Crazy

Jag kopte Vouge Knitting och har nu bladdrat fram och ater i timmar… vilka vackra saker och garnerna finns att tillga alldeles nara! Jag har spanat in en del butiker har i Colorado Springs och en i Denver. Jag har listat garner fran Berocco som ska inhandlas. I Black Forest (dar vi bor) finns hemspunnet alpacka fran lokala lamor…det ska ocksa tas en titt pa.

A couple of days ago I went to Hobby Lobby, a giant store for “pysselfreaks”. I bought yarn from Lion Brand for a Homecomming poncho that I wanted to do for sometime, but since the yarn only is avaliable from Norway I have not ordered it. (sorry swiched to eng). I think I’m going to go back to Hobby Lobby because I saw a nice top in Vouge Knitting that uses CottonEase from Lion Brand.

Here are som nice pictures from Hobby Lobby thst I took the other day:

Stickor 2-15 i ett pack                       Counter

Needle holder



The Needle Master I might get!