Trip to Knitters Kove, Colorado Springs, CO

Aaah alone in the car with one mission: Get new interesting  yarns! Through the web I found Knitters Kove  on 1817 North Union , Colorado Springs.

I walked in and they had some coustomers talking. I snook in and stolled around feeling the yarns, touching, looking at all the nice stuff they hade made. The shop is big, I think, and they have three aisles, and all sort of yarns. One customer sat down in a chair and knitted.

I shopped lots of Berroco-yarns, and yarn for the Talia vest att in Lambs pride worsted. I also bougt two books for some inspiration, felted ideas from Nicky Epstein and last-minute-gifts, always nice to have. Also an old issue of some knitting magazine.

I talked with the lady and she said that knitting had exploded – FINALLY – in the States. Thay had knitting cafes, and some e-mail group in Colorado Spigs that met on differens Cafees on saturday mornings.

Here are some photos from the shop!


Wonderful bag!                                       Different felted bags



The last picture is of my findings… I just want to get started!


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